If you’ve got an interview then congratulations! You’re one step closer to finding a job and making that transition to China. What’s good about this step is that there’s a number of very easy elements that our schools are looking for and here’s what they are!

1. BE CONFIDENT AND CLEAR: The head teacher of the school wants teachers who believe in their abilities and are able to get their lessons across to the students so in your interview, making sure you’re speaking clearly is very important! You will be judged on your ability to communicate above all else.

2. WELL LIT ROOM AND GOOD INTERNET ACCESS: If they can’t see you then how can you truly get your point across? Make sure that you’re next to bright light source, either a window or a good light, this will enable them to see your face. Once you’ve got your light sorted, make sure your internet is as good as it can be, the last thing you need is to be half way through your interview and you’re being cut off because of the poor connection.

3. MAKE THEM FEEL EXCITED: If you have a clear picture, a confident attitude then you’re all set! Just show them why they are bringing you to their school! Let go of your inhibitions and go for it! The better you sound in an interview, the more likely you are to be able to demand a higher salary! I promise you, it will never be easier to get what you deserve than now!

The actual truth is something that we talk about quite often and it’s simple… if you have the desire, we have the opportunities! We can’t stress to you enough that using your energy and your experience is so important for China because being you now will really open many doors! This is a great chance so take it with both hands!