Working in China can change your life in so many ways, so finding the right position is really important because almost all schools want the teacher to commit to a one year contract.

The beauty about this is that you get to make great relationships with your work colleagues and students! You get to overcome adverse situations as a team and strengthen yourself as a person! It’s a year in which you will really develop in many areas so we want to stress to you that finding the the right job should be a priority.

Furthermore, the benefits that come with teaching English as a TEFL certified teacher is pretty amazing and you only have to ask other expats about their experiences to figure out why so many people are choosing to come here.


These are things that you need to consider when you contact us. Be realistic in your approach and match your salary to your experience and skillset.

Sponsored visa

Housing, or a related stipend

Monthly salary of between 18k – 30k RMB

25 – 35 hours per week, with two days or the weekend off

Flight expenses reimbursed


There’s actually a lot of benefits when it comes to working in China and most of them are to our own personal preference. Things like… 

Free school meals

cheap living costs

expat support networks

extra financial opportunities

Travel opportunities

Great gyms and health


To be honest, there are many benefits in China and these are a just a few. Although the initial payout and start up costs to get out can be seen as a little steep, what you’ll gain by the end of your first year will most certainly have been worth your efforts! If you’d like to talk about it in more depth, please don’t hesitate to contact us.