TEFL means, “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” and as you embark on your journey, you’ll hear other terminologies for it like “Tesol, Esl, and Celta.”

These qualifications are the bare minimum for any single person to be able to teach in China and this is also a requirement in many other countries.

English as a Second Language refers broadly to the teaching and learning of a language.  This is not a certificate.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is simply a different name for TEFL. Often used in place of.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language 120hrs certification is the minimum requirement for schools.

Is the Certification in English Language Teaching to Adults. The Cambridge University certificate.

It’s known that for a new teacher, a certificate stating that you have completed at least 120 hours of online, classroom and awareness training is what employers will ask you for. If you do not have 2 years post-graduation full-time teaching experience, you will have to obtain a TEFL in order for your school to apply for the working visa for you.



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