Making an intro video sounds like a testing task, especially if you’re not the typical camera happy type of person! The secret to a good intro video, which you’ll be happy to hear, is a basic little thing called “simplicity”. Like with your interview preparations, make sure your picture and your sound is clear and you’re dressed in a presentable manner and then simple follow these steps…

1. NAME AND BASIC INFO – Hello my name is _____ and I’m __ years old. I come from ________ which is part of the UK.

2. EXPERIENCE – I currently have 2 years experience as a teacher in China and have worked with kindergarten and high school students. My duties were… etc etc…

3. WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR – I am currently looking for a teaching position as a kindergarten teacher where I can further my experience and take on new challenges.. etc, etc..

4. AVAILABILITY – I am currently available for interviews and can answer any questions you have either via email or WeChat so if you would like to discuss any possibilities then I’d be happy to hear from you.


And there it is!! As simple as that!

If you’re still a little unsure then check out our intro video examples below, these should help you. 🙂

As previously said, bring some energy and some happiness to your video, it goes such a long way out here and the people in charge of hiring the teachers will get a great idea of who they are going to employ.