What you need to work in China

Are you considering a teaching career in China? Check out below the things you need to work in this amazing country!

Here is a list with more detail below:

  1. A degree

  2. 120 hour online TEFL (minimum)

  3. Criminal background check

  4. Qualify for Z visa

  5. Native speaker (advantage)

  6. 2 years work experience (in anything!)

  7. Between the ages of 18-60

  8. Passport

  9. All documents to be authenticated. More on this here


A degree – in anything! Is an absolute must for teaching English in China.


You will need a 120 hour TEFL that can be authenticated in your country. Need to complete a TEFL? Find more information here!


You will need a criminal background check from your home country. You can apply online and generally depending on the country, receive this within 10 working days.


To work in China legally, you need a Z visa. You will qualify for a Z visa if you have a Bachelor’s degree.


Schools want native speakers first and foremost. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a job as a non-native, but native speakers will be at an advantage.


Your two years work experience again doesn’t have to be relevant – just two years in any field.


This is the age range in which you can work legally in China. In some special cases, they will issue a visa if you are older.


You will need a passport to be able to travel out of your country.


All documents need to be notarised, apostilled and authenticated. How to do this will vary from country to country. More information can be found here.


This is a great start to all of the things you need to begin working in China! Contact us if you need more information or had any other questions.