Teaching in China is a great thing but to get here, you have to have three documents to start the process, which ALL need to be notarised by a solicitor or agent and then authenticated at the Chinese embassy in your country. It is a great idea to start these early as they take up to 4 weeks to complete.

The first is your bachelor degree that can be in any subject. You need your original degree certificate (the one you get on your graduation day) not a copy!

The second is a criminal records background check to make sure that you’re not the next Ted Bundy, which can be obtained from your local police station or one of many online agents.

The last document you need is one of two things. Either a 120 hour TEFL certificate or a letter of reference to confirm that you have at least two years of educational experience.

Once you have all these, the process will be fairly straight forward.


Whilst your documentation is being verified, the next step is to find you a job. We have jobs all around China so you might want to do your research first or even better yet, join our social media groups and find out from people within our “Totallychina” community on what is best.

The application process is fairly simple from our end, we just want to find out about you and what your expectations are. We already have a lot of schools who are waiting to interview you but making sure you fit each others criteria is something we value the most.

As soon as we’ve confirmed everything, we’ll arrange your interviews and help you prepare accordingly. In the meantime, you can check out our short interview guide to see how you can be prepared.


Once you’ve got your job offer and you’ve signed a contract with your school, it’s just a matter of getting the correct visa.

We will send you an invitation letter and take you through the visa application process. You need to be aware that It can take anywhere between 2-8 weeks for your documents to be notarised and the visa application process can take anything from 2-14 days so being prepared is an absolute must!

Once you’ve got everything ready, the only thing left to do is get yourself on a flight and over to China! Where we will be waiting to greet you and get you started!